15 Days trainning on Ground Water

February 8, 2020   

I got chance to attend the 15 days tranning conducted by the ACWADAM on Ground Water Resource Management. I am very thankful to DBIT and IT Department for allowing me to attend this workshop.

Content which was covered in the tranning.

  1. Introduction to basics of geology
    • The earth system
    • Introduction to maps
  2. Physical geology and geomorphology
    • Types of rocks
    • Processes that shape the earth
    • Drainage and landforms
  3. Hydrogeology
    • What is groundwater?
    • What are aquifers?
    • Types of aquifers
  4. Measurement of weather parameters in groundwater resources investigations
    • Why study weather?
    • Measurement of weather parameters
    • Weather station
    • Data collection
  5. Hydrogeology-quantifying groundwater
    • Aquifer properties
    • Pumping tests
    • Recharge-discharge and groundwater balances
    • Movement of water in a watershed
    • Movement of groundwater
    • Groundwater exploration
  6. Springs
    • What are springs?
    • Classification of springs.
    • Spring water Management
    • Data Analysis
  7. Groundwater quality and groundwater resources management
    • Groundwater chemistry
    • Sampling procedures and analysis
    • Interpreting groundwater quality
  8. Geological mapping
    • Mapping the framework in which groundwater accumulates and moves in a watershed
    • Remote sensing applications
    • Hydrogeological maps
  9. Hydrogeology as a tool for impact assessment
    • Monitoring
    • Measuring natural and artificial recharge
    • Use of remote sensing in impact assessment
  10. Managing groundwater resources
    • Groundwater problems in India
    • What is groundwater management
    • Groundwater legislation
  11. Data bases and Case studies
    • Storing groundwater related information
    • GIS applications for groundwater
    • Case studies
  12. Groundwater in agriculture
    • Introduction to groundwater resources in agriculture
    • Cropping and irrigation
  13. Hydrogeology and Sanitation

You can get more information about this trainning on about the ACWADAM here http://www.acwadam.org/


 Tranning Images Site Visit for Pumping Test and Spring analysis : https://www.uniquepaths.in/

 Tranning Images Dyke (or dike) in near Pune : Type of vertical rock between older layers of rock.

 Tranning Images Field Visit for Spring Water Quality Tests

 Tranning Images Field Visit : Well Inventory

 Tranning Images Social Meeting for Water Issues in a village

 Tranning Images Lake near Pune

 Tranning Images Mountains near Mulsi village

 Tranning Images Well Inventory near Pune

 Tranning Images Field Visit Survey team for Well inventory, Social Survey and Water budgeting

 Tranning Images Pumping test to calculate specific yield

 Tranning Images Using Tracer for water quality testing

 Tranning Images Trainning Completion Certificate Distibution

 Tranning Images ACWADAM 2020 final group picture

 Tranning Images My Accomplishment

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